PE bags

The ideal solution for the transport and preservation of all types of fruit

Resistant and versatile, our PE bags are designed to preserve and transport any type of fruit.

We offer a comprehensive range of PE bags for the preservation and shipping of goods, made with HDPE and LDPE materials and available in various formats, perforations and thicknesses; suitable for both manual and automatic use, and with customisable prints.

3 reasons to choose our storage bags

  • Safety

    Their technical properties make our PE bags the ideal solution to guarantee fruit and vegetables long-lasting freshness, by controlling the dehydration process and acting as a barrier.

  • Versatility

    Our range of bags includes materials of different formats and thicknesses, to cater for the multiple demands of our customers. Furthermore, the new reel versions for automatic use are now available.

  • Resistance

    Our bags are made in HDPE and LDPE plastics, which give maximum resistance in packaging and complete safety for the goods inside.

Ideal for the fruit and vegetable sector

The high-performance characteristics of our storage bags make them perfect for the fruit and vegetable sector, which needs solutions capable of protecting fruit, preserving its qualities and freshness, and ensuring a long shelf-life.