Anti-shock solutions for food that's always fresh and safe

We produce absorbent pads for food.

Available in different formats to meet the needs of operators in the fruit and vegetable and industrial sectors, these products are a simple, instant yet essential solution to turn a container into a high-quality pack. They protect goods from shocks and impact during transport.

3 reasons to choose our absorbent pads

  • Hygiene

    Made entirely in virgin paper, our pads insulate products and meet packaging food safety standards.

  • Versatility

    We supply a wide range of pads with different layering and formats, to meet a variety of packaging and food protection needs.

  • Safety

    In contact with our pads, foods retain their quality and freshness unaltered throughout the journey, from the producer who packs them to the home of the consumer.

Ideal for the food, fruit and vegetable sector

The high-performance of our absorbent pads make them ideal for packing products of food, fruit and vegetable companies, which need to maintain guaranteed high standards of quality and freshness all the way until the consumer.