MAGIC-STRAP®: the high-quality strapping that's super strong and flexible

Magic-Strap® offers superb quality, precision and robustness, essential to guarantee the stability of pallets throughout the logistics chain and ensure products remain sealed for protection and integrity.

It can be made in various sizes and colours and is available in PP polypropylene for manual or automatic use, or in sustainable, high-performance PET

Available in PP or PET


The strap that combines robustness and flexibility. Available for manual or automatic use in a range of colours, sizes and strengths.



Produced with high-quality materials obtained from flakes of recycled bottles and completely recyclable; great performance in terms of resistance and solidity. Ideal for heavy loads and to replace steel straps.

3 reasons to choose our strapping

  • Safety

    Used in combination with edgeboards, straps are an essential item to ensure the stability and compactness of palletised goods.

  • Resistance

    Available in a range of formats and materials, PP and PET strapping meets a variety of criteria for machinability and hold.

  • Versatility

    Our straps can be customised for size, weight and resistance, as well as design.