MAGIC-CORNER®: our edgeboards to protect your products

Pressed cardboard edgeboards are the most effective packaging solution for the strapping, filming, movement, transport and storage of goods in warehouses or distribution centres Edgeboards are essential to increase the solidity and stability of the pallet during transport; they also protect the corners and edges of the pallet, preventing damage to the stacked goods.

We firmly believe that – now more than ever – the integrity, value and image of the goods transported have become essential elements for the recognition and identity of any company.

High-performance and resistant to shock and breakage

  • Safety

    Our longstanding use of top-quality paper guarantees our customers high safety standards for the products they palletise and transport. Cardboard edgeboards enhance the compactness of the pallet, and their guaranteed resistance and performance ensure undamaged arrival at its destination.

  • Resistance

    Decades of experience in the sector and in-depth knowledge of materials and their technical properties make our Magic-Corner edgeboards exceptionally robust and resistant even when subject to stress and shock during transport. We have developed several types of edgeboard in response to our customers' requirements.

  • Sustainability

    Made in pressed cardboard, our edgeboards are 100% recyclable in the paper circuit.

A comprehensive and extremely versatile range

The Magic Packaging System® consists of four types of edgeboard: MAGIC-CORNER® TOP, MAGIC-CORNER® STRONG, MAGIC-CORNER® SIMPLY and MAGIC-CORNER® HYDRO.

In addition to their excellent levels of robustness, reliability and material resistance, all MAGIC-CORNER® can be customised to meet a range of needs and solve packaging and logistics issues.

The high-quality edgeboard made with the best paper available on the market and special glues, giving exceptional performance in terms of resistance, durability, flexibility and lightness. Developed by our in-house R&D team, Magic-Corner® TOP is the ideal solution for anyone seeking the assurance of transporting their goods in maximum safety, especially over long distances.

The superb-quality edgeboard made with a special mix of virgin and recycled paper that gives the product great resistance, solidity and lightness and a guarantee of superior performance compared with the market standard. Magic-Corner® STRONG is ideal for cold storage and anywhere that demands guaranteed robustness, such as medium-range logistics.

The edgeboard made entirely with top quality recycled paper. Guarantees outstanding technical performance and protection. Magic-Corner® SIMPLY is particularly recommended for short to medium journeys outside the cold chain.

The edgeboard made in totally waterproof paper. The materials used make it 100% recyclable in the Class A paper system; combining robustness and water resistance with environmental sustainability. Magic-Corner® HYDRO is designed to contain ‘wet’ fruit and vegetables and transport products that come into contact with water.

Customisable to meet your needs

Thanks to our expertise and experience in the manufacture of edgeboards and packaging solutions, our R&D department can develop and customise products to meet the specific needs of our customers. Edgeboards in water-resistant paper or made solely of recycled paper; edgeboards more resistant than the industry standard; edgeboards that can withstand moisture.