The palletizing experts

We put our passion and expertise at the service of customer needs, designing and implementing palletizing solutions that are safe, robust, customized and innovative.

Quality packaging for fruit & vegetables and industry

We put all our passion and expertise into serving our customers’ needs by designing and manufacturing packaging solutions that are safe, robust, customised, innovative and sustainable.

Palletizing products of the highest quality and innovation, sustainable and safe.

We design and implement palletizing solutions for companies operating in the agribusiness and industrial sectors, with special focus on exporting companies. Our products, angles and strapping, have very high technical performance for palletizing and transporting products.

Robustness, reliability, quality and safety are the principles that guide our day-to-day work. Every one of our products is the result of an innovative modern process that’s advanced and sustainable, because it is developed with respect for the environment and using the least possible material. What’s more, all our packaging materials can be recycled.

Magic Packaging System®

Synonymous worldwide for guarantee and quality. Our range of trademarked products includes cardboard edgeboards, strapping, extruded mesh, flowpack and stretch films, and moulded trays.

Cardboard edgeboards

We are one of Italy’s leading producers of edgeboards. Our Magic Corner® edgeboards are made with the best quality paper and special glues, to guarantee excellent performance in terms of resistance, machinability and grip.


We listen to our customers’ needs and then develop specific technical solutions to cater for any requirement related to goods packaging and logistics.

Research & Development

In addition to packaging solutions of certified quality, our in-house lab designs and manufactures products that tick the boxes for innovation, lightness and eco-compatibility, thanks to analysis of raw materials, their technical properties and outcomes.


A journey into quality undertaken more than 25 years ago, during which Graziani Packaging has obtained certification for its products and processes, in an ongoing quest for further quality certifications.

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