A journey more than sixty years long


Guido Enrico Graziani, the founder of Graziani Packaging, opens a 150 sqm shop selling packaging materials in front of the Cesena fruit and vegetable market.


His oldest son, Roberto Graziani, follows in his father’s footsteps, and works hard to grow the business.


The first wholesale depot is opened, measuring 1,200 square metres in Cesena. 1981 also brings commercial collaboration with two major multinationals, one specialising in cardboard boxes and the other in plastic trays.


Brothers Maurizio and Stefano join the company; like Roberto, both are former volleyball players.


The 90s see the installation of the first production plant: a large box cutter to turn special cardboard into fruit and vegetable containers. Guido Enrico retires from the family business.


Mid-1997 brings the installation of the first production line for pressed cardboard edgeboards. The registered trademark Magic-Corner® is born: the edgeboard with magical strength. Meanwhile, the management decide to diversify with the “Monouso & Detergenza” line of products for public applications.


Graziani Packaging takes over a small family business in Sicily, specialising in the manufacture of edgeboards. And so Magic-Corner® arrives in southern Italy. Meanwhile, in Cesena, a second production line is installed.


At the start of the new millennium, a third production line is added at the Cesena factory, to keep up with increasing market demand. Along with a dozen other leading companies in the sector, Graziani Packaging founds the Mediterranean Fruit Company Consortium. Thus begins the company’s journey to internationalisation. At the same time, the “Monouso & Detergenza” division is boosted by the launch of “Pieri & Graziani” with the long-established Pieri family business. Graziani Packaging also obtains ISO-2000 certification.


Inauguration of the new head office at Bora di Mercato Saraceno, beside the Ravenna-Rome arterial road. 2009 also sees the opening of the company’s new factory in Valencia province, Spain, in collaboration with longstanding Spanish partners. This is the start of Magic Corner España.


A small Italian company specialising in extruded net is taken over. The Magic-Net® product line is born. In the same year, production in Sicily is terminated; a painful but necessary decision.


A new state-of-the-art production plant is opened in Bora for PP and PET plastic strapping. The process uses plastic bottle fragments, which are granulated and then turned into the finished product. Magic-Strap® joins the family. Meanwhile, “Pieri & Graziani” is dissolved, becoming Pieri group.


The parent company for all the Magic products is founded: the Magic Packaging System®. In the same year, all the Magic-Corner products are certified as Class A recyclable. The in-house R&S team creates new models for products – edgeboards and strapping – designed and customised for the needs of various sectors.


The TOP models of edgeboards and strapping are launched, with the highest quality standards to date for Graziani Packaging.


The fifth edgeboard production line is installed and the first 20 years of Magic-Corner® are celebrated: the brand achieves new record production levels, approaching the historic milestone of 100 million linear metres a year. The 80 million produced in 2016 were used to protect some 10 million pallets of goods, at 8 metres per pallet. At an average value of 1.000 euros, this means 10 billion euros of goods transported from one part of the world to another with Magic-Corner®. he 160 million linear metres of strapping, at an average of 16 metres per pallet, amount to 10 million pallets of goods transported: great results for two highly strategic products.


In June, the first member of the third generation, Dr. Alessandra Graziani, Roberto’s daughter, joined the company. At the end of the year, the youngest of the three brothers, Stefano Graziani, left the company.


Two more third-generation arrivals: Maurizio’s son Andrea Graziani, and Roberto’s daughter Michela Graziani.


As a reult of the company’s growth and structuring path, in 2023 the company become Graziani Packaging Srl .